“I love energetic people, the ones who wake up in the morning and say, ‘let’s do something fabulous today.’ They’re the ones that motivate me.”

Carmen Ruiz y Laza, the charismatic host of JoyTV, has worked in the film and television industry for more than three decades.

When Carmen returned to work with Moses Znaimer at ZoomerMedia in 2013, her on-camera journey began in earnest with her first flagship series, “CarmenTV.” That series ran for five years and included seeking out the hottest local experts for their tips on travel, cuisine, fashion and beauty, entertainment and design — tailored specifically for discerning boomers. CarmenTV also took viewers past the velvet rope of the most exclusive parties and celebrity events.

In 2017, Carmen’s career grew again when she began producing and hosting a half-hour series called “CARPe diem.” Now in its fourth season, Carmen is not only continuing with travel and lifestyle stories created to inspire graceful aging, but has also turned her attention towards a subject she feels very passionate about — sustainability.

Inspired by her years living in beautiful British Columbia, Carmen has become increasingly aware of how threats to the environment are impacting fish stocks, both locally and across Canada. To that end, her new series “Your Nation’s Table,” takes a deep dive into sustainable fishing and fisheries with hopes of raising awareness about the people and families behind the fishery and the risks they take. 

Joined by co-host Chef Robert Clark, the pair have been meeting with experts to gain insight into the steps we, as Canadians, can take to do our part to help preserve this treasured resource. Buying Canadian food is a lifestyle choice we all need to make to do our part to preserve our food sovereignty.

Carmen’s curiosity and zest for life began at an early age while growing up in Spain in her great-uncle’s house, where she was surrounded by storytellers, music, philosophical discussions and gourmet cooking. When Carmen immigrated to Canada at just 13, she didn’t speak a word of English and suddenly found herself unable to communicate. Determined to overcome that challenge, Carmen became fluent in just one year. Since then, Carmen has made communication her life’s work.

Carmen has used those communication skills over the years, to carve out careers as a sought-after casting director and commercial producer, head of her own boutique public relations company Carmen PR, specializing in philanthropic organizations and luxury brands, and now as a TV host and producer.

And while Carmen is drawn to the influencers who educate and inspire, she also has a deep appreciation for those who work hard to make this world a better place — a goal she has always strived for.

“An agent of Change”
– BC Business